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Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

St. Davids Cathedral

Whitesands Bay

Coast with Penbri

The Pembrokeshire peninsula is located at the south west corner of Wales. Its exposed location to the ocean makes it dependable onto the weather but also provides a wild and lonely coastline.

The best way to enjoy this beautiful landscape is a walk along the sea. Therefore I will describe two day walks in the surroundings of St. David .

St. Davids is a picturesque village that has the status of a city as it is home of a Cathedral. The beautiful gothic cathedral holds the remains of St. Davids the Welsh national saint. It is located a little bit outside the village in a valley and can be overlooked easily as the spire is not visible from the town centre.

Day 1: Around St. Davids

This walk leads around the small peninsula that holds St. Davids and leads from the town centre along the coast to Whitesands Bay. I took me around 6 hours to complete the whole circuit.

Start this walk from the town square where in the west corner a small street leads to Porth Clais. Follow this road till you reach the well protected port where you join the coastal path. Once you have reached the path turn west and start walking along the coast. The walk is not strenuous as there are no hills to climb and the path can't be missed as it follows the top of the cliff. Furthermore each crossing is marked and as long as you follow the acorn you can't get lost. Be only careful to stay of the cliff edge as it is quite crumbling in some places.

Once you have reached the westernmost point of the peninsula you can see a small island off the coast, that holds a nature reserve. The path now heads northwards past a coast guard station at St. Justinian and several campsites till it reaches Whitesands Bay, a big and open beach that is famous for its surf. Once you have reached the car park you can either decide to walk on with the Day 2 walk, or head back to St. Davids.

Before returning to the town consider climbing Carn Llidi, the rock rising behind the Bay. This will give you a fantastic view along the coastline (providing the weather is good!). Follow the road leaving the car park and turn right after the small campsite. From there a marked footpath with some steps leads to the lower peak. Who wants reach the top of the rock has to do some simple climbing in order to get there but he will be rewarded with a impressive view.
Return to the street and follow it to the golf course. Behind it turn slightly right onto the tiny road that heads directly back to the cathedral and to St. Davids.

Day 2: Whitesands Bay and northwards

As I had to return to St. Davids this walk returns via the same path. It took me about 7 hours to complete it.

It starts again at the town square of St. Davids, but if you have a car you may consider to drive to Whitesands Bay and start from there as this will spare you one hour walking time each way.
From the town square walk to the cathedral and cross the river over a small wooden bridge. Follow the track going up the hill till you reach a small road that will bring you to Whitesands Bay (see Day 1 return). Once you have reached the beach rejoin the coastal path heading north.

This can get a little bit confusing as St. Davids Head is crisscrossed by a couple of path which all bundle up to the costal path again behind the head. Therefore it does not matter which one you choose only staying more to your right will shortcut the head and may spare you half an hour.

Behind St. Davids Head the route is clear again and follows simply the coast line. This section of the walk is especially enjoyable as the cliffs get higher and the backcountry holds some hills. Unfortunately this makes it also more strenuous to walk as the path changes between up and downhill. But I really liked this section because there was so much to see (and the weather was great). For me this walk ended at the top of Penberi as I run out of time and had to return. But in theory you could walk as far as you want as long as you manage to get home before darkness falls. I used the same way to return also I took the described shortcut at St. David's Head.


Time: 2 days