____Schwingis Southampton

City of Southampton

The Queen Mary 2 at the Southampton Docks

Southampton is located at the English south coast in the county Hampshire. It is an approximate two hours drive form London away between Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

The protected natural harbour of Southampton Waters is one of the most important trade and passenger ports in Britain. It strongly influenced the development of the city that has approximately 200.000 inhabitants. Today’s appearance of the cities is modern as great parts were destroyed during World War II. The city centre consists mainly of modern office buildings and shopping malls. But some of its medieval corners are still intact und well preserved and can be visited during a city walk.

Southampton is a nice place to study, as its university is one of the best in Britain, and the city provides a variety of entertainment for us students. Of course it can't compete with old universities like Oxford or Cambridge but the 15000 students can't be entirely wrong. The university spreads over several campuses with the main campus located at the north edge of the city about 30 min from the centre.

Southampton, Map of English Southcoast

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