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Salisbury and Wiltshire


Trough the New forest to or around the medieval city of Salisbury. Visit either one of Britain's oldest gothic cathedrals or cycle trough the hills of Wiltshire.


Leaving Basset cross the sports centre near Lord's Wood (40/17), and cycle trough the wood on the bridle way to the east. In Nursling (38/16) turn north and stay on small roads to reach Romsey (36/21). At the first round about turn west and after leaving the town turn right onto A27. Follow it up the hill till a small road heads south again. Via Redwood Lane and Romsey Road cycle on to West Wellow (29/19) where the A36 brings you to Plaitford. Turning onto New Road Nomansland (25/17) can be reached from where a bridle way crosses a forest north to Lover (21/20). Staying on small roads the trip leads westwards till it crosses the Avon River in Breamore (16/18). A little bit west of the village Longe Stepple Lane (14/19) starts going north. From here the trip divides.

  1. Who is already tired or wants to visit Salisbury can take one of the many off road tracks that lead to the city (15/30). After enjoying this beautiful city leave it northwards on the road east of the railway till you hit Old Malthouse Lane (17/33). There cycle eastwards on the road till you join the old roman road after Stock Bottom Farm (20/33).
  2. This trip surrounds Salisbury without entering the city. Keep to the north west on the bridle way with a short pit on the A345 till reaching Bishopstone (07/26). Still go north and than turn west on Old Shaftsbury Drove (07/29). After some kilometers turn north again and go trough Compton Chamberlayne (03/30). After crossing the railway and still going north Monarchs Way can be reached (03/33). Follow it for a long time to the east till Great Wishford (08/35). From there use small roads to join the Monarchs Way in Middle Woodford (12/36) again. Stay on it till Hurtcott (17/34) from where a short track leads to the roman road that is joined after Stock Bottom Farm (20/33).

Over Middle Winterslow (25/33) keep on going to the east where finally the Test River (34/31) will block your way. Cross over and turn south onto the Test Valley way till the cycling path ends near Stonymarsh (34/27) from where small roads lead eastwards via Michelmersh and Braishfield to Lower Slackstead (40/25). There take the Clypit Road to Ampfield (40/23) and the A3090 and Hook Road to Chandler's Ford (42/23) that can be surrounded on Knightwood road. After Chandler's Ford, use the cycle path beside Castle Lane to the west and than the bridle way up to Chillworth (41/19). From there only a short distance is left to get back to Southampton.


Time: 10h or 13h

Distance: 100 km
or 140 km

Map: OS Explorer OL22, OS Explorer 130, OS Explorer 131, OS Explorer 132


Overview Map