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Cycling in Normandy

Sunset a la Rozel
Sunset at la Rozel


<-- 1st day of the Normandy tour

Day 2: le Roze - St. Lo

Distance: 100 km
Time: 9 h

By the morning the storm was over and the sun shining. We had a fantastic breakfast in yet an other Patisserie in Surtainville and were heading soon south on the D117 and D201 to Carteret with its big marina. In Barneville we stopped at the local marked to get fresh baguette and French cheese for lunch. Keeping on small coast roads we cycled trough Portbail were we turned inland towards St. Lo. Staying on the D72 we cycled to Angoville-sur-Ay were we had lunch and than used several country lanes to go to the west ( Vesly, Laulne, St. Germain sur Seves).

This area is quite flat and not very interesting so that we made good progress and when we reached Tribehou it wasn't to late yet. We followed the D77 to Pont Herbert where we were forced on the big N174 as our chosen small route was barred. One big hill later we had a fantastic view on the town of St. Lo. Unfortunately the campsite was at the other end of town on the road to Bayeux and it took an other long uphill to reach it. As we were quite tired this evening we decided to save the sightseeing for tomorrow and go for a good dinner.

3rd dayof the Normandy tour -->


Time: 4 days

Distance: 410 km