____Schwingis Southampton

Hurst Castle

New Forest

This trip offers a combination of outstanding landscape in the southern parts of the New Forest, lovely villages and the impressive Hurst Castle.

Getting to the new Forest is not exactly easy and includes a lot of on road cycling. Leave from the university and cycle along the Avenue to the city centre. Join the cycling path along the docks that brings you over the River Test to Totton (36.5/13). There follow the cycling signs into Totton but turn left before the under passage. This road brings you over the Toll bridge (36.5/12.5) (free for bikes) to Marchwood. Cross over the A326 (38/10) and follow Twiggs Lane and North Lane southwards to Beaulieu (39/2). After a stop in this lovely village keep cycling south following the signs for the Maritim Museum but turn right shortly befor reaching the Museum (40/0). A couple of country roads, sheared by the Solent Way, bring you eastwards to Lymington (32/95) where you join the A337 for a short while. At the roundabout near Pennington school head south again into the Pennington Marshes. Here comes the first off road track that leads along the nature reserve to Keyhaven (91.5/30.5). From there Hurst Castle (32/90) can be reached by a ferry or a 2 km walk along the pebble beach. It is a gigantic fortress from the last century with a beautiful view to the Isle of Wight.
Return to Keyhaven and use Lymore Lane to go to Everton (29/94). At the end of the village a bridle way leads to Silver street. Follow it and than turn left onto Pitmore Lane. Once you reach the heath turn right on Shirley Holmes. Cross over the A337 to Boldre (32/98.5) where you turn northwards on a bridleway to Brockenhurst (30/3). Turn right onto B3055 shortly behind the village. Soon the official cycle route turns north again to Lyndhurst. Try to head more to the east so that you hit the B3056 behind the village (33.5/7). This is a bit tricky as the woods in this area are crisscrossed with cycling routes and it is difficult to find your way trough this maze. Once you reached the road the stay on the B3056 till Beaulieu Road Station (35/6) where you turn east again on an other small road. Once you reach the next crossing turn left to join the road from the morning to get back to Southampton.


Time: 8h

Distance: 100 km

Map: OS Explorer OL22



Overview Map