____Schwingis Southampton

Around Andover


Cycling to the north of Southampton and around Andover. My longest Trip so far that leads into the hills north of Andover with some challenging climbs.

Starting from Highfield Campus cycle north over the Avenue to Candler's Ford. At the first round about turn west in order to bypass the village on Knightwood Road. After leaving it turn west again onto Hook Road and follow the A3090 till Ampfield (40/23). Going on north Clypit Road brings the first off road experience crossing Ampfield Woods. At the junction with Dores Lane in Lower Slackstead (40/25) turn right and follow it till Berrydown Farm (40/28). From there a cycle path leads to the top of Farley Mount with a nice view over the surrounding hills. The cycling path follows on trough West Wood and heads north till it reaches the lovely village of Crawley (43/35). Who had a look at the Winchester trip has probably realized, that till now the way was identical but in Crawley keep going on north instead of turning west. Use the cycling trail behind the Church, that zigzags north and leaves the Winchester map along the Roman Road (42/40). After Bransbury follow the A303 northwards and leave it immediately for Middleton (43/44). There turn left and follow the bridleway till reaching the B3400 from where small roads lead to Aspley Farm (42/48). Keep going northwards on a net of C Roads to St. Merry Born (42/50) and take there the Withchurch cycling path to Crux Easton (43/56). Shortly after the village turn west and use C roads again to get over a lot of hills to Linkenholt (36/58), the norhtest point of this trip. A combination of off and on road cycling leads via Upton to Hungerford Lane (34/53) which heads south in a straight line. After passing Charlton Down Farm use the streets in the north and west of Andover to get to Monxton (31/44). Over Broad Road Kentsboro can be reached from where the cycling path to Longstock (36/37) leaves. After crossing the Test River follow the A 3057 to Stockbridge and from there the Test Valley Way down south till the cycling path ends near Stonymarsh (34/27) where small roads lead eastwards via Michelmersh and Braishfield back to Lower Slackstead (40/25). The way back to Southampton is than the same as in the morning, but instead of turning eastwards after Chandler's Ford, use the cycle path beside Castle Lane to the west and than the bridle way up to Chillworth (41/19 on OS Explorer OL22). From there only a short distance is left to get back to Southampton.


Time: 12h

Distance: 140 km

Map: OS Explorer 132 & OS Explorer 131

Overview Map